Banaras Ki Bano Unstitched Luxury Collection 2019 by Noor Textile

New Collection in UNBRICKS!! Well, today article name is Banaras Ki Bano Unstitched Luxury Collection by introducing by Noor Textile. Noor Textile is a very leading and high five fashion brand in Pakistan. Also, have a make latest and best ideas designs of collection introduce an amazing perfected for seasonal with bright colors themes combination printed with beautiful embroidered dresses occasions. HELLO BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! Today’s we are giving article is very special by Noor Textile the names is Banaras Ki Bano Unstitched Collection. This fashion brand showcase 3pc Unstitched highlight luxury collection at the fit for the fashionable women lovers. Now the all latest and dazzling luxury wear dresses available online store and very most across outlet in Pakistan.

We are very proud to present to you our latest much-awaited branding collection is Banaras Ki Bano it’s featuring our startling model Rabia Butt presenting Banaras Ki Bano Unstitched Luxury Collection by Noor Textile. It’s a high exquisite latest collection of delicate hand woven beautiful fabric on infamous Khaddis of the historical town of Banaras. Our best intricate designs are inspired by the life of mesmeric Banu. Who carries flowers in her hand and sing the folk songs of her town in the busy streets of the city. The fashion brand introducing the latest perfected party wear, and casual wear dresses. And with 3PC beautiful shirts add the cuts style, plus chiffon dupatta, and grace-full trousers.

She brought with her the luxury of authentic amazing Silk of Banaras the one wire by her mother and grandmothers to their winger lunches and spring tea parties the outclass rich history and uniqueness taste of Banaras blends with stylish and modern details of high fashion society in Banos latest charming designs. The eclectic range of stunning able bright colors aptly captures her lively aura. So in exotic poise of Banu one can feel the magic of mystical Banaras joining the vibrant grace-full trends of today. I hope like this latest collection by Noor Textile is Banaras Ki Bano luxury Unstitched Collection.

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